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Lisette Hilton is a writer in Boca Raton, Fla., who heads up her company, Words Come Alive.
Sleep duration linked to PCa mortality risk in younger men
Results of a recent study support a growing body of evidence that factors associated with circadian rhythm disruption might play a role in prostate carcinogenesis.
Advances in lasers, light sources
Laser and light source treatments target many of the most common skin conditions that dermatologists encounter. The recent expansion in laser dermatology is both promising and exciting as the treatments available to derms and their patients continue to grow. New technologies are taking laser and light source treatments in new directions of skin structure imaging, epidermal harvesting, tissue rejuvenation, and new types of photodynamic therapies.
Understanding and using biosimilars
Biosimilars have the potential to lower the high costs of biologic treatments for patients suffering from chronic skin diseases. Although biosimilars have received FDA approval derms still have many questions about what they are and when they may be used appropriately. Patent wars and a lack of rules and regulations at the state level add to the confusion about using biosimilars.
Accelerating skin disease research
Available resources of the Center include human pathology specimens and database info on living consented patients. Techniques such as tissue imaging, gene expression analysis, T-cell receptor, sequencing studies, and CyTOF analyses are available. Visiting Scholar grants funds allow researchers to learn how to work with human tissue and how to use new techniques.
Rosacea and gastro disorders possibly related
Because rosacea is an inflammatory disease there is scientific rationale for a possible association between it and other inflammatory diseases. A recent study demonstrates that rosacea patients have a greater percentage of gastrointestinal disorders than do controls and should be evaluated further if they present with GI symptoms. In such cases a systematic approach to the treatment of both conditions may be warranted.
Links shown between rosacea, other diseases
Three studies point to links between rosacea and numerous systemic comorbid diseases.
Avoiding filler complications
Injectable fillers are considered to be safe in the hands of experienced dermatologists. But side effects are a possibility no matter how experienced the practitioner. A derm expert shares what colleagues need to know about filler complications and how to treat them.
Experts note the biggest impacts to derm in 2015
We’re looking back on what made the biggest impacts on dermatology in 2015. This is what your peers had to say.
Newly discovered tumor-suppressor gene impacts melanoma survival
In a study of 501 genomes and protein-building sequences, called exomes, researchers found a newly identified member of a group of tumor suppressor genes is mutated in about 5.4% of melanomas. And these melanomas make up a particularly deadly subset in the skin cancer. Learn more
Physician payment formula (SGR) repealed by Congress
Practice stability enhanced by reforms


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