Nancy Groves
New preloaded IOL delivery system affords operational, economic efficiencies
A preloaded IOL system shaved about 1 minute and 2 seconds from each cataract case performed at a single surgical site by reducing preoperative lens-related preparation activities.
Fluid-based injectable IOL maintains stability in capsular bag
A fluid-filled, injectable accommodating IOL demonstrated accommodative and refractive stability in a recent 6-month prospective study.
Algorithm addresses allergic conjunctivitis
A new algorithm for the management of allergic conjunctivitis encourages collaboration and consensus among colleagues with different expertise as well as greater emphasis on ocular signs and symptoms by physicians who are not eye-care specialists.
Automation and technology bring value to the pharmacy
Pharmacy automation systems offer their users a way to improve and streamline their workflow.
How useful is consumer medication information for prescription drugs?
Problems with the content and format of consumer medical information distributed with prescription drugs at retail pharmacies are the primary barriers to providing appropriate information to patients, a recent evaluation suggests. The reading level and length of CMI were also cited as shortcomings.


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