Ilya Petrou
Managing mycosis fungoides
Although there is no cure for this rare type of lymphoma, several different therapies are currently being used that can lead to long-term disease remission, significantly increasing the quality of life of patients.
Path to cure port-wine stains
Path to cure port-wine stains
80% of port-wine stains improve with laser treatment, but less than 20% clear completely. In this article, with Dr. Iris Kedar Rubin, reviews effective treatment strategies.
Antibiotic resistance matters
Antibiotic resistances are on the rise and as such, it behooves dermatologists to use antibiotics only when necessary and in combination with topical agents wherever possible in order to help stop this alarming trend.
Antimicrobial stewardship programs aim to curb resistance problem
Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections are associated with unnecessary use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, leading to antibiotic resistance. Antimicrobial stewardship programs could be a very effective and useful approach to help stop the alarming trend of antibiotic resistance. Several strategies help optimize outcomes.
Novel advances in acne therapy
New and exciting topical and oral therapeutic agents and those still in the pipeline are slated to revolutionize acne therapy, as they appear to more effectively improve the clinical symptoms of acne.
Treating acne and rosacea in patients with skin of color
The treatment and management of acne and rosacea in patients with skin of color can be tricky and it behooves the astute clinician to be wary of the pitfalls and challenges associated with treatment.
Keys to managing adverse drug reactions
Keys to managing adverse drug reactions
The drugs that physicians prescribe are generally believed to be safe, having typically undergone thorough FDA scrutiny. Nevertheless, adverse drug reactions do occur and knowing which drugs are common offenders and how to best identify potential offenders is crucial in optimally treating and managing patients with adverse drug reactions.
Evolving laser therapies for rosacea symptoms
Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea, characterized by diffuse and persistent facial redness and telangiectasias, is a challenging disease to treat. Recent advances in laser and light therapies appear effective in improving these symptoms.
Quality of life impact of anticancer drugs
The development of novel targeted anticancer therapies are proving to have a significant impact in the treatment and management of cancer patients; however, these agents also are associated with a distinct set of cutaneous side effects. Learn more.
Photoprotection crucial for all skin types
Dermatologists need to be vigilant and more aware of the type and frequency of skin cancers that can occur in patients with darker Fitzpatrick Skin Types, an expert says. In addition to examining the “typical” sites where these tumors occur, dermatologists should also carefully inspect the oral mucosa as well as the palms and soles.


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