Cheryl Guttman Krader
Schepens lecturer traces advent, evolution of ophthalmic trials
Clinical trials are an indispensable ordeal that are the gold standard for assessing risks and benefits of treatments, said Frederick L. Ferris III, MD.
Gene therapy benefits for retinal dystrophies persist through trial
Results from 3 years of follow-up in the phase III trial investigating treatment with adeno-associated viral vector delivery of human RPE65 (voretigene neparvovec, Spark Therapeutics) show this gene therapy has an acceptable safety profile.
Revised melanoma staging criteria
Staging system is derived from a new dataset of patients from 10 cancer centers around the world. Dermatologists should consider AJCC tumor characteristics as well as other factors in risk assessment, counseling, and follow-up plans for patients. Update takes effect in January 2018.
Hypersonic vitrector holds potential for multiple benefits
Bausch + Lomb has introduced an ultrasonic-powered hypersonic vitrectomy system that is driven exclusively by the company’s Stellaris Elite Vision Enhancement System. It has a novel mechanism of action and is expected to offer advantages compared with guillotine vitrectors, according to the company.
5 environmental neurotoxicants are potent health risks
Pediatricians know from their training that chemicals in the environment are important causes of neurodevelopmental and other health problems in children, but clinicians need to keep that information top-of-mind in daily practice and apply it in counseling and evaluation, said Philip J. Landrigan, MD, MSc, FAAP.
What’s new about pediatric appendicitis
Innovations in the evaluation and management of appendicitis could lead to better patient care and improved outcomes.
Screen routinely for central neurologic disorders
Pediatricians are the frontline providers for identifying neurologic problems in neonates and infants.


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