Norman Levine, M.D.
Norman Levine, M.D., is a private practitioner in Tucson, Ariz. He also is a member of the Dermatology Times Editorial Advisory board and a co-medical editor.
DERM DDx: Intractable generalized pruritus in an 82-year-old
Papules on trunk, axillary vaults, and buttocks
Pruritic eruption on the leg: Follows excision of a benign lesion
A 53-year-old woman presents with a 4-day history of a pruritic eruption on her leg. She had a benign lesion surgically excised with 2-layer suture closure 1 week before onset of the eruption.
Cosmeceutical hype does not benefit our patients
A recent headline in Dermatology Times read, "Niacin boosts IPL outcome." In small print, the sub-headline read, "Small study sees non-statistical improvement in skin texture." The summary of the article, called "Quick Read," had the following statement: "A niacin-based skincare cosmeceutical regimen combined with intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments offers better skin rejuvenation outcomes than IPL alone, a new study suggests."
Bumps on the legs: More prominent at day's end, shrink overnight
Itchy eruption on the legs
Blistering eruption involving most of the body.
DERM DDX: Painful lesion on the ear
Painful lesion on the ear
Sicko' and the dermatologist
I have recently seen the newly released Michael Moore movie, Sicko, and it left me with profound sadness and some outrage about how our country cares for the medical needs of its citizens. We physicians have all seen the deterioration of medical care over the past 10-15 years, particularly for middle class working people, many of whom are forced to go without health insurance, while gambling that they do not develop a serious and expensive illness which could ruin them medically and financially.
DERM DDX: Painful ulceration on the ankle of an 82-year-old man
Painful ulceration on the ankle of an 82-year-old; Patient has history of recurrent thrombophlebitis
Derm DDX: Ulceration of left ankle and swelling of both legs
Ulceration of left ankle and swelling of both legs


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