Norman Levine, M.D.
Norman Levine, M.D., is a private practitioner in Tucson, Ariz. He also is a member of the Dermatology Times Editorial Advisory board and a co-medical editor.
Case: Intermittently painful lesion in mouth
With intermittently painful lesion in mouth, consider irritation fibroma in a white papule of the mouth that has been traumatized by biting, etc.
Case: Nail lesions with a uniform pigmented band
Consider nevi of the nail fold in nail lesions with a uniform pigmented band.
Commentary: Pharmacists, insurers limit scope of practice, prescription choices
I had a recent personal experience that shocked me into re-examining what we dermatologists do and what our future will be as a specialty.
Case: Asymptomatic lesions on eyelids
Consider xanthelasma with multiple soft yellow papules on the eyelids
Case: Rapidly enlarging lesion on the wrist
Consider keratoacanthoma in rapidly enlarging tumors occurring after minor skin trauma.
Case: Asymptomatic, slowly enlarging facial lesion
Consider sebaceous tumors such as sebaceous epithelioma in yellow lesions on the face
Derm diagnosis: Ulcerated papule on vertex of the scalp
Consider radiation dermatitis in a non-healing ulceration at the site of previous X-ray therapy
Opinion: Heresy for dermatologists: An alternative view to mass skin cancer screenings
Among the many advantages of being in private practice without ties to any particular establishment is that I can say just about anything without any concern for public ridicule or chastisement (private ridicule continues unabated).
Derm diagnosis: Asymptomatic eruption of the face of a 68-year-old woman
Differential diagnosis of puritic eruption on the face
Derm DDx: Chronic rash on the neck
Localized cluster with itching, burning, relieved by scratching


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