Sarah Thuerk
Sarah Thuerk is associate editor of Healthcare Traveler magazine.
FDA approves Lymphoseek for all solid tumors
The Food and Drug Administration has approved a Supplemental New Drug Application for the expanded use of Lymphoseek for lymphatic mapping in all solid tumors. The approval also adds sentinel lymph node detection for melanoma and breast cancer.
FDA clears PicoSure for wrinkle treatment
The Food and Drug Administration has granted 510(k) clearance to Cynosure, allowing it to market its PicoSure laser workstation for the treatment of wrinkles.
Melanoma survival improves with targeted combo therapies
Recent studies appear to confirm greater efficacy of combination treatments over vemurafenib monotherapy in improving progression-free survival for patients with melanoma.
Study: Telomere length impacts melanoma risk
Researchers with Dartmouth College have found that genes controlling telomere length of telomeres influence the risk of melanoma.
Nonablative laser improves appearance of old scars
A nonablative fractional laser improves the appearance of mature burn scars, according to results of a recent study.
Research links genetic mutation, melanoma progression
Researchers at Dartmouth College have discovered that BRAFV600E, often found in metastatic melanoma, is capable of modifying normal cells surrounding the tumor to encourage disease progression.
Military personnel have high risk of skin cancer
Members of the military have a high risk of contracting skin cancer, due in part to the climates where they are deployed, recent research suggests. And only a small portion of service members is aware of the risks of sun exposure.
Novel microneedle patch may improve collagen delivery
A small adhesive patch topped with microneedles may allow clinicians to deliver collagen more deeply and without pain to the patient.
Leukemia drug may help fight skin cancer
The leukemia drug dasatinib may prove useful for treating skin, breast and other cancers, according to recent findings.
PDT superior to cryotherapy for clearing actinic keratoses
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) provided a better chance of complete lesion clearance in the treatment of actinic keratoses (AKs) when compared to treatment with cyrotherapy, according to results of a recent study.


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