Rachael Zimlich, RN
Rachael Zimlich is a freelance writer in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes regularly for Contemporary Pediatrics, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Medical Economics.
Why children with diabetes are at risk for disordered eating
Patients with diabetes are at risk for developing inappropriate relationships with food, according to new research, highlighting the need for healthcare providers to provide more psychosocial support to this population.
How physicians can utilize National Immunization Awareness Month
This is a good time for practices to revisit vaccines and remind staff and patients about the importance of immunization education.
Experts warn against alternate vaccination schedules
There are dangers in straying from vaccine recommendations, so physicians play a critical part in educating patients.
Maternal antibodies may dampen infant's response to early vaccines
Antibodies passed during the third trimester to babies may weaken the infant's response to vaccines in the first few months of life, a new study finds.
More pregnant mothers are getting vaccinated against pertussis
An increasing number of expectant mothers are following through on the recommendation with physician advocacy serving as a key factor, a recent study says.
Parental knowledge, physician support key to HPV vaccine uptake
Parental knowledge and provider support are key factors in increasing acceptance and uptake of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine among parents of boys, according to a new report.
Adults know needed vaccines, but skip them anyway
A new report says the key to increasing adult vaccine compliance may lie in a simple suggestion from a physician.
Researchers: Pneumonia vaccine could use improvement
U.K. researchers say more research and funding is needed for a more successful alternative to prevent pneumonia infection.
Why are teens not being treated for opioid use disorders?
While opioid use disorders among teens and young adults are increasing, the number of youths who receive medication to treat opioid use is decreasing, with significant inequalities among population types.
Preemies can be just as kindergarten ready as their peers
A new study reveals that premature infants perform nearly as well as their full-term peers by their school years, and that those who don’t aren’t as far behind their peers as previously thought.


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