Rachael Zimlich, RN
Rachael Zimlich is a freelance writer in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes regularly for Contemporary Pediatrics, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Medical Economics.
Top waste, fraud, and abuse red flags, and how to identify them
: In some cases of healthcare fraud, it’s easy to spot red flags. But in large healthcare organizations, or on the payer end, fraud and waste can be more difficult to detect through layers and layers of data.
Ten ways hospitals can manage rising drug costs
Ten ways hospitals can manage rising drug costs
Fluctuations in drug pricing and medication shortages are among the reasons for rising drug prices. Learn how you can protect your hospital’s bottom line.
Value-based payment update: Where we are and who is most successful
Value-based payment update: Where we are and who is most successful
While these types of programs have been in place for several years, it can be difficult to gauge who is using them and how, and whether they are achieving their intended goal.
Genes, age may play a role in flu shot effectiveness
A new study reveals that certain genes may play a role in how effectively the body produces antibodies against the flu after vaccination.
Poll: Online vaccine questions, side effect concerns rise
Patients are increasingly turning to the Internet to have questions about vaccines answered, highlighting the need for increased education at the time of vaccination.
Racial and ethnic disparities abound in eczema care
Eczema affects around 11% of children overall, but only about half of minority children with severe eczema are treated for the condition. A new study looks at why these children are overlooked.
Health plans explore psychosocial support services to improve outcomes
Patients who lack resources likely won’t have improved health outcomes even with interventions. Some plans are exploring how to address the problem.
Vaccine refusal impacts other routine care
Patients who refuse vaccines or use alternate schedules are less likely to make routine appointments, according to a new report.
Vaccination is still key to preventing flu
The American Academy of Pediatrics stresses the importance of vaccinating all children aged older than 6 months early in the season for the best flu protection.
Treatment investigated to prevent blood-clotting disorders
A new subcutaneous therapy could offer a promising solution to a bleeding disorder in both children and adults.


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