Rachael Zimlich, RN
Rachael Zimlich is a freelance writer in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes regularly for Contemporary Pediatrics, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Medical Economics.
How pediatricians can improve sexual and reproductive care
Pediatricians are falling short when it comes to adequately addressing sexual and reproductive healthcare for teenagers, but new guidance aims to offer strategies for improvement.
Education is key in helping parents manage accidents
Accidents happen, but many parents might take the opportunity to panic. Pediatricians can help them prepare.
New study: Weight loss results in diabetes remission
U.K. study reveals that individuals who maintain a 10- to 30-pound weight loss might achieve diabetes remission, but U.S. authorities question such strict dieting.
Shared decision-making in HIV care lacking
Patients with HIV report having little involvement in their care decisions, but many also report feeling too poorly educated about the options to want the choice.
Primary care is key for containing the next wave in HIV infections
Primary care may hold the key when it comes to early surveillance and treatment of new HIV infections.
Assisting diabetics through holiday temptations
Physicians can help patients plan and manage holiday temptation so a few days of indulgence doesn’t turn into a new normal in the new year.
CDC updates Zika testing and management guidelines
Pediatricians need to stay committed to following those infants with possible exposure to Zika to understand the effects of Zika infection and ensure appropriate care and services.
New shingles vaccine approved, recommended highly by ACIP
There is a new vaccine against shingles, and ACIP has recommended that it replace its predecessor.
New program aims to streamline vaccine reporting, administration
A new program developed with the support of CDC aims to streamline vaccine-related functions in EHRs to make administration and reporting easier for clinicians.
New training track may aid primary care residents with HIV management
Declining numbers of physicians are entering infectious disease care, but patients with HIV are living longer. A new report proposes a different kind of training track.


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