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Rachael Zimlich, RN
Rachael Zimlich is a freelance writer in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes regularly for Contemporary Pediatrics, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Medical Economics.
Education and outreach crucial to teen vaccinate uptake
Teens want and need physicians to reach out and give them responsibility when it comes to managing vaccination, according to a new report.
Report: Middle school vaccine mandates work
States requiring students to get certain vaccinations before middle school have lower disease incidences and higher compliance rates, a new report finds.
Liability is limited in vaccine-related injuries
Vaccine-related injuries in adults are rising, but healthcare providers administering those vaccines rarely have to worry about liability claims.
Flu “patch” as effective as shots, preferred by patients
Researchers have developed a microneedle patch that could replace injections for influenza vaccination and a host of other diseases.
Researchers call on ACIP to update tetanus schedule
A new report states that updating current vaccination guidelines could save nearly $300 million annually.
Nurse practitioner-managed practices thrive in vaccinating seniors
According to a new study, two clinics found that several initiatives enacted in those practices led to higher than average vaccine uptake among senior citizens.
Early exposure to infection may benefit preterm infants
A new study detailing the impact of early infection, antibiotics, and vaccines in preterm infants also offers hope that new vaccine therapies could help decrease sepsis and long-term damage in this vulnerable population.
Five ways to reduce healthcare administrative costs
Administrative costs are a huge burden in healthcare, but there are several process changes that can result in huge savings.
Why children with diabetes are at risk for disordered eating
Patients with diabetes are at risk for developing inappropriate relationships with food, according to new research, highlighting the need for healthcare providers to provide more psychosocial support to this population.
How physicians can utilize National Immunization Awareness Month
This is a good time for practices to revisit vaccines and remind staff and patients about the importance of immunization education.


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