Ilya Petrou, M.D.
Facial laxity rating scale offers a scientific, objective assessment of rejuvenation procedures
A validated facial laxity rating scale proves to accurately document the changes and improvements achieved following facial cosmetic surgery procedures, introducing a more scientific approach and objective evaluation of aesthetic outcomes, according to Craig Jonov, M.D., D.M.D.
New hypodermic needle design aims to take pain out of cosmetic injections
A new hypodermic needle design may revolutionize injection techniques spanning all fields of medicine, resulting in reduced pain upon injection and more efficient outcomes, according to the inventor of the design.
Experts in abdominoplasty face off regarding optimal techniques
The art and science of abdominoplasty has developed over the years, resulting in a variety of incision and suturing techniques as well as optimal administration of anesthesia. The progressive adjustments made to this popular cosmetic surgery also have facilitated improvements in the areas of pain mitigation, safety and downtime, all while enabling physicians to achieve consistent and positive aesthetic outcomes, several surgeons say.
Surgeons discuss liposuction technologies, need for evidence-based data for each
Despite the immense popularity of liposuction, there is relatively little evidence-based medicine regarding the varying liposuction devices used in cosmetic surgery today — particularly regarding the claimed advantages of one technology over the other — according to Jane Petro, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Boston and acting executive director of the Cosmetic Surgery Foundation, Chicago.
Severity of hair loss, patient preference determines type of restoration procedure
Whether using a surgical or a nonsurgical technique, male hair restoration procedures in today's state-of-the-art medicine work. The choice of procedure depends in part on the patient's preference, as well as the severity of the hair loss already experienced by the patient, according to one surgeon.
Procedural pitfalls avoidable in the male cosmetic patient population
Understanding and appropriately addressing the nuances of the male phenotype and how they differ from their female counterparts' are key to achieving good Aesthetic outcomes in the male cosmetic patient, according to a San Francisco cosmetic surgeon.
Surgeon touts benefits of liposuction/fat grafting, implant/mastopexy combinations
The trend to combine surgical procedures that address either the breast or the buttock areas into one single session is becoming a mainstay in cosmetic surgery, according to Samir Pancholi, D.O., a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas.
Benefits abound when incorporating fillers with botulinum toxins
Understanding the dynamics of the aging face and knowing in which order to use fillers and botulinum toxin for combination facial rejuvenation therapy is key to maximizing aesthetic outcomes, according to a German physician.
Danish surgeon shares experiences with breast augmentation in Europe
Decisions regarding choice of procedure, type of implant used and anesthesia protocols all impact the outcomes of breast augmentation surgery and set the stage for a smooth surgical experience, says one Danish surgeon well versed in the field.
Surgeon describes current state of cosmetic, plastic surgery in India
Similar to the trend in Western societies, cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity in India, particularly in larger cosmopolitan cities such as Mumbai. This surge in popularity may be, in part, a reflection of the steady financial growth and increased economic stability seen in the country, according to one Indian surgeon.


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