Bill Gillette
Topical gel combo decreases severe pruritus, pain in shingles-related case
Study details how a topical gel helped bring “significant relief” to patient’s severe pain and itching. Find out how
Study suggests erlotinib’s potential in treating HNSCC
Study finds that treatment with erlotinib may be beneficial in selected head-and-neck squamous-cell carcinoma cases
Researchers link BCC patients’ taste disruptions to pathway-inhibiting drugs
A new study reveals the cause of severe taste disruptions suffered by many basal-cell carcinoma patients undergoing chemotherapy.
Tweaked technique for tough nasal-tip rhinoplasty
Researchers report on a modified suture technique for patients undergoing corrective nasal-tip surgery.
Research examines timing of drain removal post breast reconstruction
A new study compares the benefits of early vs later drain removal in patients who have undergone certain types of breast reconstruction.
10 Years of calcium hydroxyapatite
A 10-year review of dermal filler Radiesse tracks its evolution and examines potential future uses. Injection protocols are included.
'Boomerang' technique corrects gynecomastia for muscular men
Researchers report their use of boomerang-shaped incisions to correct gynecomastia in male patients undergoing upper body lift surgery.
Early intervention: fractional-laser scar treatment
Could a single treatment with an ablative CO2 fractional laser be effective for treating surgical scars? Get the study results.
Study: Intraoperative CT imaging for maxillofacial reconstruction
Results of a new study show the extent to which intraoperative computed tomography (CT) can provide real-time feedback to surgeons during maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery for intraoperative decision making.
Obesity feeds British demand for cosmetic surgery
London-based survey reports the number of slimming cosmetic procedures are up as UK health officials urge citizens to slim down.


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