Bill Gillette
AFG for breast augmentation
Could autologous fat grafting finally be a viable alternative to breast surgery?
New upper-lip lift technique
Researchers in China say they have created an innovative method for carrying out an upper-lip lift.
Botox vs Xeomin: Study results are in
This is the first prospective, split-face, randomized, double-blind study to address three types of facial wrinkles — glabellar lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines — using a 1:1-dose ratio.
Study examines benefit of lidocaine, epinephrine in HA fillers
Using a lidocaine mix with hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to help mitigate pain is not an uncommon practice. But can adding epinephrine to lidocaine further offset bruising and pain?
Vaccine has potential to prevent genital herpes
For the first time in history a vaccine was developed that has the potential to prevent HSV-1 and HSV-2. Learn more
Tattoos may stop Apple Watch
Tattoos may stop Apple Watch
Find out how ink and the Apple Watch don't play well together
Model predicts risk for delayed wound healing
A research team from the University of Pennsylvania designed a study to identify risk factors that may be modified and to create a model to assess patient risk of these complications.
Shedding light on post-abdominoplasty seroma formation
In an effort to learn more about the formation and progression of seroma following abdominoplasty, a research team examined 21 patients who had undergone standard abdominoplasty. This is what they found.
Researchers develop, validate lip-fullness scale
This is the only validated scale that includes both patient photographs and the female African-American demographic.
Does facial enhancement make your patients more likable?
The findings of a recent study suggest that your facial surgery patients get more than just a more youthful appearance.


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