Bill Gillette
6 Things I learned at A+MD
It’s an exciting new meeting that combines aesthetic and medical derm education, and the brainchild of Wm. Philip Werschler, M.D. This is his inside perspective.
Psychological assessment tools
Why should dermatologists worry about psychological assessment tools in their practice? Pamela Schell Werschler, Psy.D., MSN, ARNP, DNC, answers.
Rosacea’s psychological impact
Researchers assess the impact of facial erythema on the subconscious perceptions and initial reactions of others and how these affect their resulting attitudes.
Study IDs best fat harvesting technique
Which adipose tissue harvesting technique yields the most stromal vascular fraction and adipose-derived stem cells? Researchers report.
The non-surgical facelift: Does it exist?
Facelift vs non-surgical facelift — The debate continues, but is it just a matter of semantics?
Fat grafting for body sculpting?
It was called out as “revolutionizing plastic surgery” at this year’s ASAPS meeting in Montreal. Could fat grafting be what’s next in body sculpting?
FDA OKs melanoma drug after denying it accelerated approval
Two days after it reported that the Food and Drug Administration had denied accelerated approval to Amgen experimental melanoma drug talimogene laherparepvec (T-Vec), Reuters reported that an FDA advisory panel voted to approve the drug for marketing. Get details
Difficult forms of psoriasis respond well to anti-PDE4
Difficult forms of psoriasis respond well to anti-PDE4
Initial improvements in difficult-to-treat forms of psoriasis persisted for a year with the phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) inhibitor apremilast (Otezla, Celgene Corp.), according to data from two recent trials. Learn more.
Botox and wrinkles: biomechanical evidence
A new study offers insight on how injections of onabotulinum toxin A affect skin elasticity and pliability.
Protruding ears, negative perceptions?
Do protruding ears negatively affect the perception of certain personality traits?


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