Bill Gillette
Procedure pricing in plastic surgery
Which location factors affect how much you can charge for surgical procedures?
Men and plastic surgery marketing
Are men being ignored by the cosmetic surgery industry in marketing efforts?
Do you fat graft during facelifting?
Do you fat graft during facelifting?
Fat grafting may be one way to generate improved facelift results, but just how many plastic surgeons combine the two?
Defining an ‘attractive’ breast
Defining an ‘attractive’ breast
To what degree do a plastic surgeon’s sex, age and geographic background affect perceptions of an “attractive” breast?
Researchers define parameters of ideal lip shape
Researchers define parameters of ideal lip shape
Results of a German study suggest that there are certain parameters that define the ideal shape of the lip and lower facial area for men vs women.
Reducing post-facelift hematomas
Researchers say they have a protocol that reduces post-surgical facelift hematomas to the lowest rate ever recorded.
Negative predictors for facelift satisfaction
Men vs women; young vs old. These are the demographic and psychosocial predictors of dissatisfied facelift patients.
Allergan purchases Kythera for $2.1 billion
These are the details on the recent $2.1 billion purchase, including Dr. Helen Torok’s opinion on what the Kythera acquisition means to aesthetic professionals.
Better together: Injectables, energy, skin care
Vic A. Narurkar, M.D., shares his approach to combining neuromodulators and fillers for facial contouring, as well as energy-based devices and skin care.
Energy devices: What does what?
Energy device guru E. Victor Ross, M.D. shares what devices worked best for specific conditions, including acne scars, red and brown spots, tattoo removal and skin tightening.


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