Bill Gillette
Hand rejuvenation? Don't neglect the fingers
Researchers recommend extending hand rejuvenation to the fingers for “global” hand aesthetics.
Wrinkle analysis: Quantifying Botox outcomes
One plastic surgeon proposes a reproducible method for evaluating wrinkles and making a direct before- and after-Botox comparison.
Big breasts, bad posture?
Researchers suggest a 400 g “safety limit” on cosmetic breast implants to keep posture in check.
AesthetiPedia: What's in it for you?
Looking for a patient information resource that addresses aesthetic skin concerns and also provides treatment options? Meet AesthetiPedia, a new website launched by Israeli medical-device firm Lumenis...
Teledermatology helps patients help themselves
Teledermatology eases disease management for young acne patients.
Alopecia: New hope for the hopeless
Alopecia: New hope for the hopeless
A drug approved for treating psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis also appears to be effective in spurring hair growth. Learn more.
Labiaplasty: What could go wrong?
A team of researchers describe the type and frequency of complications associated with labiaplasty.
How happy are your facelift patients?
There has been no verifiable documentation of patient satisfaction in facelift literature — until now.
Patients give facial filler high ratings
Results of a recent study show that patients treated with Juvéderm Voluma XC are highly satisfied with their results.
Australia’s plastic surgeons push for more regulation
The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons is calling for more stringent government regulation of office-based cosmetic surgery procedures.


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