Bill Gillette
New topical aerosol treatment for psoriasis vulgaris scores high in test
Perhaps the most valuable pearl discussed in the seminar, “Topical Therapy Pearls,” presented by Gary Goldenberg, M.D., Thursday, Oct. 1, at the Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference in Las Vegas, was a unique new topical combo treatment for psoriasis vulgaris.
The neatest scientific advance in skin cancer treatment
In the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, “the fastest-moving area—and the neatest from a science standpoint—is the class of drugs called hedgehog pathway inhibitors.”
Cryolipolysis for pseudogynecomastia
A new study examines off-label use of CoolSculpting to treat enlarged male breasts. Could it be a viable option?
Cryolipolysis in review
How safe and effective is cryolipolysis for body contouring?
Microfat grafting vs surgery for facial contouring
Does microfat grafting offer a viable alternative to surgery for facial contouring?
Fat as filler for perioral aging
Is restoring lost volume with fat to the periorbital area the key to achieving optimal facial rejuvenation results?
Is cosmetic surgery safe for seniors? New data
The number of Baby Boomers who want cosmetic surgery is growing, but just how safe is surgery in this population?
Anesthesia protocols and adverse events
Patients worry about anesthesia-related adverse effects. Researchers recently investigated how intravenous anesthesia compares to traditional inhalational anesthesia.
Botulinum toxin market grows along with senior segment
Botulinum toxin market grows along with senior segment
Current botulinum toxin products are more similar than different and can be effectively used for many purposes beyond facial lines and wrinkles.
IPL plus oral isotretinoin for facial rejuvenation
Intense pulsed light (IPL) and oral isotretinoin (ISOT) are both effective in treating the effects of facial photoaging — but how does IPL stack up as a solo treatment against a combination of the two?


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