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Hyperhidrosis + hair removal: Meet miraSmooth
Hyperhidrosis + hair removal: Meet miraSmooth
Early research indicates 70% hair reduction with 1 to 2 treatments of miraDry. Even better, it’s colorblind.
MFU technology safe for darker skin types
Results of a new study suggest that micro-focused ultrasound treatment is safe and effective in darker skin types.
Device delivers low-voltage current to clear spider veins
Results of a recent trial suggest that a new option for treating spider veins performs as well as or better than traditional therapies.
Do demographics affect rhinoplasty patient satisfaction?
Researchers examine gender, race, age and income to quantify differences in patient quality of life and satisfaction after rhinoplasty.
BMI plays a role in safety with liposuction
Research suggests BMI correlates with “safe” limits for aspirate volume.
Ptosis repair method challenges Hering's law
According to this recent study, Hering’s law of equal innervation doesn’t always apply in eyelid surgery.
ICD-10: Adjusting to the 'new normal'
The most important action you can take right now is to analyze where your productivity is suffering, and taking corrective action. These tools may help you avoid a slow down as billing staff learn a new diagnosis coding system.
6 important trends in PDT treatment for AK
Several “What’s New” factors will help dermatologists optimize photodynamic therapy in the treatment of actinic keratoses.
More common sense needed in treating AKs
Neal Bhatia, M.D., asked attendees to consider why they treat AKs and challenged them to think of more strategies for preventing and minimizing treatment problems.
Trending therapies for atopic dermatitis
Beyond the current approaches, recent phase 3 data has become available on a new topical while another injectable drug is under development, and both appear very promising.


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