Andrew Bowser
Andrew Bowser is a medical writer based in Brooklyn, New York.
Isotretinoin expensive but cost-effective

New York - Although the price of some treatments for acne vulgaris may seem steep, the simple dollar cost of the medication only tells part of the story, according to Julie Claire Harper, M.D.

Shoe-related CD sometimes hard to size up

Maui, Hawaii - Shoe-related allergic contact dermatitis is commonly overlooked in the differential diagnosis of foot dermatitis, mainly because patients are not patch tested, according to James S. Taylor, M.D. at the Skin Disease Education Foundation's 26th Hawaii Dermatology Seminar.

Griseofulvin should remain standard in tinea capitis
Munich - Newer oral antifungals have efficacy similar to griseofulvin in tinea capitis, possibly with a shorter duration of therapy. But for now, the old and familiar standby should remain the treatment of choice, according to Peter Mayser, M.D., senior physician, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.
Case report supports link between cancer, nuclear testing

Dallas - Atomic radiation from above-ground nuclear tests could at least contribute to, if not cause, later development of skin cancer in military veterans stationed at or near the blast sites, according to Henry W. Randle, M.D., Ph.D.

Melanoma staging criteria adopted, needed

San Francisco - New melanoma staging criteria will be "vitally important" for assigning patients into various risk categories as a wider variety of adjuvant therapies become available, according to Charles M. Balch, M.D.

Sunscreen re-application factors in sunburn
Among under-application, missed spots, underestimating exposure, and using too low SPF, the biggest culprit of sunscreen failure is infrequent application
Interferon alfa-2b appears to lesson chances of recurrence
Intermediate dosing of agent may enhance distant metastatis-free interval for high-risk patients
Laser vein treatment a safe alternative to surgery
Catheter-based procedure bolsters efficacy, lowers cost, and has surprisingly few complications
Melanoma antigens create new therapies
San Francisco - Molecular definition of cancer antigens has opened new possibilities for developing effective adjuvant melanoma immunotherapies, according to Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
TA90 assay predicts melanoma recurrence, survival rate
Development shows promise in postsurgical milieu by allowing more timely therapeutic intervention


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