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Better models needed for predicting bladder Ca recurrence
Current NCCN guidelines are comparable to European models for predicting nonmuscle-invasive bladder cancer recurrence and progression. But better models are needed, according to a recent study.
One word can change a patient’s decision about treatment
Words physicians use and how they say them influences the decisions patients make about treatment for actinic keratosis.
Cosmetic surgery turf wars
In the battle over who’s most qualified to perform cosmetic medicine, can any specialty own the space?
Proven steps to enhance the aesthetic consult
The consult can make or break your success. Listen to and question concerns. Show you care.
The real deal with nonsurgical skin tightening
While nonsurgical technologies still don’t rival surgical facelifting results, combination treatment delivers patient satisfaction.
The neonatal microbiome
Cesarean section newborns have a slightly delayed microbiome response. The richness of microorganisms is less than vaginally delivered newborns by 3-7 days. Use products on neonatal skin that are designed for neonatal skin.
Creativity drives interest in aesthetics
Wendy W. Lee, M.D., M.S., says creativity is what drove her to specialize in oculoplastic surgery, completing a two-year oculoplastic fellowship at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, after her residency in ophthalmology at Tulane University Medical Center, New Orleans.
Comparing costs: Linio’s Beauty Price Index
This is how the U.S. stacks up against the world when it comes to costs for beauty products and services.
How well do you know your herbs and spices?
It turns out that asking a simple question while taking patients’ histories could prevent unanticipated bleeding and bruising after fillers, neurotoxin injections and more.
Aesthetics Q&A with Jennifer S. Hayes, D.O., gynecologist and gynecologic surgeon
The Aesthetics Channel sits down with Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes to discuss her transition from traditional obstetrics and gynecology to aesthetics.


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