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Stem cell transplant offers long-term hope for severe scleroderma patients
An intensive stem cell transplant regimen achieved better survival as compared to cyclophosphamide treatment for patients with severe scleroderma, researchers report in the New England Journal of Medicine.
EB’s great hope
Pediatricians respond to the first successful gene therapy treatment for epidermolysis bullosa.
Pediatric psoriasis guidelines
PeDRA and NSP authors new consensus statement for pediatric psoriasis. Interdisciplinary care (dermatologist and pediatricians) is critical. Regular screening for common comorbidities is recommended.
Widespread morphea treatment disparities signal need for guidelines
A survey of pediatric dermatologists and rheumatologists reveals wide variation in how patients with pediatric morphea are treated.
AD therapy linked to ADHD
All children, but healthy controls, had a higher likelihood of behavioral issues. ADHD symptoms of attention, hyperactivity and impulse control, were higher in AD children. Quality of life lower in affected children.
When it’s time to part ways with a patient
Physicians legally may discharge a patient for any nondiscriminatory reason, but termination is not without pitfalls. Experts offer some tips on avoiding them.
Solving problem patients
Solving problem patients
Rude and disrespectful patient behavior. Being late for appointments. And patients complaining about fees, co-pays, and more. These are some of urologists’ biggest gripes with patients, according to a single-question poll conducted in December 2017.
Yoga for a younger face
Can facial exercises really improve tone, firmness and shape?
Future HA filler alternative?
Human placental tissue allograft could be the next hyaluronic acid filler alternative for aesthetic patients.
Hyaluronic acid for nipple projection?
While it could present long-term problems for many patients, HA fillers could be an ideal option for restoring 3-dimensional contour of the nipple-areola complex for surgical breast reconstruction patients.


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