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A critical examination of facial expression
What happens when facial expressions don’t match up to what people see as “natural”? Meet artist Gary Faigin, The Face Doctor of facial expression.
Conversation starter
Incoming JAAD editor wants to spark discussion and views publishing as a way to provide, interpret, show application of new information
Building a killer social media strategy
Building a killer social media strategy
Done right, social media should bring in a steady growth of followers and website referral traffic, more visibility and social validation.
Cosmetic procedures and isotretinoin use
Performing common cosmetic procedures on patients on isotretinoin is safe, according to a new consensus.
Z Wave for cellulite treatment
New acoustic percussive device may help to tackle cellulite and more.
When flushing is more than embarrassment
Acute or irregular flushing may signal a more serious health condition, say researchers who list 14 questions physicians should ask patients complaining about unusual flushing.
Aesthetic harmony and the chin
Chin augmentation is an essential facial rejuvenation component, which can be done safely and effectively with fillers with an understanding of regional anatomy and optimal patient selection.
In the danger zone: Brazilian butt lift
A task force representing several plastic surgery societies urges practitioners to reevaluate performing gluteal fat injections.
Pediatric change makers: Winter Berry, DO
For Winter Berry, DO, addressing diaper need in urban Syracuse was just the start of her child advocacy work.
ERAS ushers in new age of surgical care
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, or ERAS, is radically changing and standardizing preoperative, perioperative, and postoperative approaches to major surgeries, including radical cystectomy. And while the changes can seem troublesome at first, urologic surgeons who perform radical cystectomy say letting go of dogma is worth it for patients, physicians, and staff.


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