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Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton, president of Words Come Alive, has written about health care, the science and business of medicine, fitness and wellness for 25 years. Visit www.WordsComeAlive.com.
Addressing the upper arm wobble
The demand for a batwing solution continues to rise, but is brachioplasty the only (or best) way?
The hyoid suspension neck lift
Could securing the platysma to the peri-hyoid cervical fascia improve the longevity of your neck lifting results?
Cosmetic surgery and e-cigarette use
Cosmetic surgery and e-cigarette use
Researchers offer advice on how to council e-cigarette users prior to surgery.
New Year, now what?
Eight aesthetic physicians offer insights and best practices for making 2017 the best year yet for business.
Medical expulsive therapy or bust?
Whether or not medical expulsive therapy (MET) is a sound recommendation for patients with kidney or ureteral stones is a matter of debate.
Reviews matter
Reviews matter
Fact: online reviews have become nearly as valuable to patients as a personal recommendation. Here’s how to effectively manage yours.
PCa immunotherapy: Response better when given before ADT
Administering sipuleucel-T (Provenge) before rather than after androgen deprivation therapy in men with biochemically recurrent prostate cancer appears to result in a more robust immunologic response, according to a recent study.
Prostate Ca: Immunotherapy consensus statement published
Statement authors recommend using immunotherapy prior to an androgen receptor-targeted agent in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.
Patient preference: Male vs female surgeons
Do cosmetic patients have a gender preference when choosing a surgeon?
Survey reveals tattoo and tattoo removal behaviors
Do you offer tattoo removal? If so, understanding these patient motivations and barriers will benefit your practice.


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