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Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is president of Words Come Alive, based in Boca Raton, Florida.
Investigative eczema drug shows positive phase 2 results
UK-based Ziarco Pharma Ltd. recently announced positive phase 2a results for ZPL-389, a once daily oral histamine H4 receptor antagonist, for the treatment of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis.
How to weigh benefit of Moh's
Mohs surgery experts advise when Mohs is and isn’t optimal skin cancer treatment.
Dupilumab demonstrates promising results
The systemic therapy dupilumab met primary endpoints in two phase 3 studies on adults with in inadequately controlled moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis.
New research focuses on B lymphocytes in psoriasis
Researchers at the University of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany, are focusing their psoriasis research on a cell type that has received little attention in connection with the skin disease: B lymphocytes.
Critical factors in healing acute wounds
Optimal wound healing practices have changed in recent years. some techniques are no longer best practice and new techniques have emerged.
Changing FDA regs impact dermatologists, patients
Recent actions around drug compounding, sunscreen ingredient approvals, drugs and medical devices, cosmetic product marketing and more will affect your practice. Stay informed.
Insurers make prescribing biologics difficult
A new study suggests that insurance coverage of biologics for psoriasis is becoming more challenging. The need for prior authorization is increasing, as are the average time from prior authorization submission to coverage decisions and prior authorization denial rates.
Study exposes inaccuracy of new test for Lyme disease
Looks like marketing and publicity might have outpaced the validity and usefulness of a test used to detect Lyme disease.
Cleft lip and palate: Team approach to treatment
A look at how one hospital is tackling cleft lip, cleft palate, and other craniofacial conditions.
New discoveries in regulating pigmentation
Researchers have uncovered new pathways that control skin lightening and tanning, which could lead to a novel class of therapeutics for treating pigmentation disorders.


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