Tracey Walker
Are ACA’s cost-sharing reduction plans effective?
A new Commonwealth Fund study explores cost-sharing reduction plans and marketplace coverage.
PDMPS: An effective but underutilized resource for prescribers
MCOs are going to have to step up their efforts to impact the growing opioid epidemic in this country.
Study: Use of short-acting opioids decrease, long-acting opioids increase
Executives need to increase awareness in the category and ensure prescribers are aware of CDC guidelines for opioid prescribing and the prescription drug monitoring programs.
Nearly half of BCBS members discontinue this RA drug after 1 year
Analysis from Prime shows that improvements in persistency, adherence is key in RA treatments.
Clinton lays out healthcare plan in NEJM; Trump opts out
Understanding both candidates proposals can help executives make informed decisions.
Top 10 states with the best healthcare
Top 10 states with the best healthcare
Here are the top 10 states that deliver the best healthcare services, according to personal-finance website WalletHub.
Health execs must brace for autoimmune drug changes
A comprehensive understanding of this rapidly increasing drug class is essential to integrate pharmacy and medical claim information.
Value-based care progress: Country by country analysis
An independent study considers the global adoption of value-based healthcare across 25 countries.
Study: New cholesterol drugs cost 356 times more than generics
A report from the Alliance of Community Health Plans can help get a better sense of how well drugs help patients compared to other treatment options.
Workplace premiums experience modest rise
Migration to high-deductible plans partly responsible, according to Kaiser Family Foundation survey.


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