Donna A. Suter
Snowball your way into effective delegation
Snowball your way into effective delegation
Learn how coordination, cooperation, and communication make up the components of successful delegation.
Accepting change is hard, but with the right guidance it doesn’t have to be
Blogger Donna Suter draws from personal experience and provides four tips on maintaining the needs of your practice in an evolving business climate.
How to ensure your new employees are on the right track
Find out how to get your new staff members started on the right foot from Day One.
How to make your New Year’s resolutions last the whole year
How are you doing with your 2016 resolutions? Making New Years' resolutions is a time-honored, end-of-year tradition. Every year I'm encouraged by the idea that in a mere twelve months I will have become a (marginally) better person. While you may think this ritual doesn’t apply to a modern eyecare practice, consider resolutions as a synonym for process improvement and the word goal. Management by Objective (MBO) has been touted as a valid way to achieve corporate change since the early 1950s.
Does your practice crackle with excellence?
This new use of the word crackle reminds me of a virus because what causes it is often hard to pinpoint; yet, the results are easily seen.
Time to change labs
With consumers investing in everything from Botox to bunion removal, it's no wonder that consumers are asking opticians, "Isn't there anything else?"
Dispensary ABCs: Always be curious
A dispensing ophthalmologist is part of a large, highly competitive retail environment. Your retail competition uses research that you might be ignoring to woo patients away from your on-site optical shop.
Frame vendors: your most important bond
Nearly 100 top-tier frame vendors are in the marketplace, vying for your frame dollars. Consider 10 key traits before collaborating with a frame vendor and its representative; you’ll increase the odds for a long-term, prosperous business relationship.


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