Heather Onorati
Heather Onorati is the Channel Content Director for Dermatology Times and Cosmetic Surgery Times.
Making strides in support for psoriasis patients
The National Psoriasis Foundation seeks support for initiatives that will provide better access for psoriasis patients to effectively treat their disease.
FDA: Stop using unapproved dermal filler
FDA: Stop using unapproved dermal filler
Doctors and other healthcare providers should stop subcutaneous injection use of Expression by Enhancement Medical LLC, the Food and Drug Administration has announced. The product is not approved as a dermal filler.
Hawaii 10th state to ban minors from indoor tanning
Hawaii has passed legislation that prohibits minors under the age of 18 from indoor tanning, according to a news release. The bill is effective immediately.
Branding your cosmetic practice
Aesthetic practices must consider the importance of developing a strong brand image, according to Cheryl Bissera, consultant and co-author of “The Patient-Centered Payoff”. She spoke to attendees Friday at the 2014 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting, emphasizing the importance of communicating luxury and all of the elements that go into your brand identity.
Specialized staff training offers many benefits
Creating your own in-house training can benefit your staff and your practice in many ways, according to Jody Comstock, M.D., an aesthetic dermatologist in private practice in Tucson, Ariz. She walked attendees of the 2014 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference through the development of her staff bootcamp.
Top 10 mistakes your front desk could be making
A relatable, helpful and professional front desk staff is one key to practice success, according to Laurie Mercier, a practice consultant with Allergan Practice Consulting who spoke at the 2014 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting recently.
Practice performance goals for better ROI
Whether your practice is purely aesthetic or a mix of medical and aesthetic, you’re operating a business, and it serves you to understand key business principles to stay successful, say panelists at the VCS 2014 meeting.
Release of Medicare payment data poses problems, doctors say
Medicare’s payment data dump has sparked backlash from physician advocate groups, including the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians, who argue that releasing the information without context is misleading.
Video-based education increases skin cancer detection behaviors
Video-based education increases skin cancer detection behaviors
Educational video how-tos may prompt older men to monitor their skin either through self-examinations or clinical skin exams, thereby increasing earlier skin cancer diagnoses, according to the results of two new studies.
VIDEO: Risk of nodules associated with fillers, dental work
Should you talk with your patients about dental work history? Michael Persky, M.D., posed this question at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology meeting in June. He referenced two patients who presented with nodules following hyaluronic acid filler injections. Listen to the expert panel discuss this issue in our exclusive roundtable video.


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