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Your practice in the cloudIs it time to update your cloud-based practice management system?
Toxin vs toxin: How do you choose?Botox, Dysport and Xeomin may share similarities, but several factors can affect the best way to choose which is best for your individual patients.
An authentic picture of the aging faceThink you know your way around the aging face? Think again. New research challenges assumptions about how the face changes over time.
Cost-effective correction of mid-face volume lossResearchers examine the practical application of a significantly lower dose of HA for midface volume correction compared with that used in pivotal trials.
The FACE-Q Eye ModuleIt’s a new tool that gathers patient feedback to communicate your cosmetic eye surgery prowess.
Breast implant sizers: Satisfaction or bustInquiring minds want to know… do current bras sizing techniques measure up?
Many ways to carve the turkey (neck)Whether it’s on the bird gracing the Thanksgiving table or hiding under a festive sweater, no one wants a turkey neck.
Rethinking complete platysma transectionResearch suggests this aggressive approach comes up short on long-term results. Two experts offer alternative approaches.
Body hair transplants for baldnessIt’s a viable option, according to experts, but the use of body hair to treat baldness requires careful patient selection and strategic technique.
Noninvasive body contouring combination tipsInvest in a variety of complementary, rather than overlapping, devices to help patients achieve whole-body rejuvenation goals, expert says.


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