Building your practice (literally)Successfully getting your practice off the ground requires putting the right team together.
More business with bitcoin?
More business with bitcoin?Requests for cryptocurrency are on the rise. Should you add this payment option to your practice?
Burned out? You’re not aloneA recent survey reports physician burnout at an all-time high. Here’s what you can do to avoid, navigate and survive burnout.
The on/off button comes to dermatologyDermatologists will need to understand new device technologies and incorporate them judiciously into disease treatment where appropriate.
Botox injections reimagined
Botox injections reimaginedFuture delivery instrument could change the botulinum toxin injection experience for providers and patients.
Cannabis for skin care?It’s been called the next “it” beauty ingredient, but one expert says the hype is ahead of the research.
Navigating the nether regionsAfter a year of unprecedented growth, are results with nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation more hype than reality?
THE Aesthetic Show for 2018
THE Aesthetic Show for 2018The multidisciplinary show that covers all areas of the aesthetic space will be held in July 2018 in Las Vegas.
Aesthetic Practices Adapt to Millennial Patient NeedsAs young consumers seek cosmetic procedures earlier in life, one of the pressing issues for medical aesthetic practices is finding the best strategy for targeting, acquiring and retaining patients in this demographic.
Radial Pulse-Based System Significantly Improves Outcomes of Fat Reduction Procedures
Radial Pulse-Based System Significantly Improves Outcomes of Fat Reduction ProceduresWhile non-surgical fat reduction technologies can yield dramatic results, stubborn and residual swelling often remains present in the treated areas. This is where the Z Wave from Zimmer MedizinSystems (Irvine, Calif.) comes in. Using radial pulse energy, the Z Wave device enhances the outcome of cryolipolysis treatments by transmitting high-energy acoustic waves through soft tissue, which spread radially beneath the skin’s surface.


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