BBL treatment reduces, delays skin agingResearchers examine broad band light treatment for long-term skin quality results.
Slug inspires surgical glueResearchers create a strong, sticky medical adhesive based on mucus from the Dusky Arion slug.
Energy Devices 101: UltrasoundUltrasound devices have two principle indications in today’s cosmetic practice: noninvasive skin tightening and noninvasive fat reduction. Here’s all you need to know.
Aesthetics Q&A with Urologist Karen Elizabeth Boyle, M.D.Urologist Karen Elizabeth Boyle, M.D., F.A.C.S., discusses aesthetic challenges, what she would do differently if entering aesthetics today, and the impact of aesthetics on her practice's bottom line.
The latest in scar researchA recent study shows surgical scars are more improved with laser and silicone gel treatment vs silicone gel treatment alone.
Eyelid crease complexityDouble eyelid surgery may be in high demand, but also results in high numbers of unhappy patients according to recent research.
CoolSculpting vs liposuctionHow do you advise patients when it comes to choosing between these popular fat reduction treatments?
Retail research: Skin care products 101From product selection to staff training, one expert offers guidelines to making your retail venture benefit your bottom line.
How to weed out price shoppersPrice transparency platform gives consumers — and physicians — what they want.
Sharing is caring: Millennial patients and social mediaNot only is the selfie generation happy to share, but they could be the secret to social media success.


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