The January issue of Dermatology Times focuses on the role of technology in clinical practice beginning with artificial intelligence for skin cancer detection and device trends in 2018. (©Elnur/
Dermatologists should be prepared to counsel patients about PBMT home-based treatment options for hair loss, say dermatologists from the University of Minnesota who reviewed 13 FDA-approved PBMT devices. (©EvgeniyKalinovskiy/...
Neural networks do pattern recognition just as a dermatologist would learn patterns and visual data. Computer accuracy rivals that of humans for classifying skin cancer. Deep neural networks and artificial intelligence may have a...
The December issue of Dermatology Times highlights expected biologic developments to watch for in 2018, aesthetic technique pearls, and the basics of managing your dermatology practice, including budgeting, social media ethics and the...
From biopsy codes used to remove hematomas to codes used for pathology charges, ICD-10 isn’t always straightforward. Reference our table for helpful tips from Karl Ellzey.
The November issue of Dermatology Times highlights men’s health issues, including the prevalence of squamous cell carcinoma in men, to the challenges of treating glabellar frown lines.
From psychosocial considerations to pain control, in pediatrics, there are a special set of factors physicians should consider before treating these young patients. Reference our table for insights.
Men are increasingly seeking aesthetic procedures, but they tend to learn toward specific procedures more than others. Learn more in our table-of-the-month.
Adult AD may be influenced by childhood eczema, though most adults have no memory of childhood eczema.
The IL-23 inhibitor risankizumab was superior to ustekinumab in a phase two trial of adult patients with moderate-to-severe chronic plaque psoriasis, researchers report.
60 percent risk of alcohol-related ...

NEJM analysis proves what has been suspected for decades: Alcohol can be more deadly in the psoriasis population as ...

When flushing is more than embarrassment
The top 25 psoriasis authors
Herpes zoster rates stay steady with ...
An alternative treatment for OIC

A new study examines an alternative to current treatments of OIC in abdominoplasty patients.

Recommendations for safer gluteal ...
Plastic surgery predictions
Building your practice (literally)
Guide to ID at-risk patients

A recent study explored varying statistical approaches to a metastatic risk model for identifying SCC tumors at high risk ...

Revised melanoma staging criteria
Repurposed antifungal exhibits ...
SLNB for melanoma
Dermatology Quizzes
Multiple smooth nodules and abscesses

A 36-year-old woman with a long history of cigarette smoking went to her dermatologist complaining of multiple smooth ...

Extremely pruritic lesions
Red papules on face
Atopic Dermatitis
Can you identify atopic dermatitis ...

In this slideshow, we summarize the phenotypes associated with childhood atopic dermatitis as addressed recently in JAMA ...

Racial and ethnic disparities abound ...
In atopic dermatitis, are you ...
Atopic dermatitis: Biologics to ...


Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D., investigator, Dermatology Consulting Services, High Point, N.C., is a Dermatology Times adviser.

David J. Goldberg, MD, JD

Dr. Goldberg is Director of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey, Director of Mohs Surgery and laser research, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham Law School.

Table of the Month
At-home photobiomodulation therapy for hair loss
At-home photobiomodulation therapy for hair loss

Dermatologists should be prepared to counsel patients about PBMT home-based treatment options for hair loss, say ...

Does ICD-10 coding have you flummoxed?
Considerations for laser treatment in pediatric patients
Marketing to the male patient

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Psoriasis patient point of view

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